Elevated Branding
Brings Their Values to Life


Founded in Fredonia, Wisconsin, Badger Paperboard had expanded into the four corners of the US, but their existing branding kept them boxed in as a Midwestern company. They enrolled us to create all-new branding, a new website, collateral and tradeshow materials that reflected their national reach and their fun, approachable personality.

We Delivered

Rebranding / Product Launch / Marketing Materials


Paperboard is a straight-forward industry, but where Badger stands out from the rest is in their commitment to an issue-free process and responsive customer service. Every part of their message needed to serve their customers in a simple, inviting and customizable way.

“Seeing a company follow through on their proposition so completely—and helping them show it—was really exciting”
- Stacie, director of creative


We gave them a full brand overhaul, from logo to color palette to voice, taking it from unclear and dated to fresh and intuitive. The heart of our work with Badger was a new website built specifically to remove all barriers for customers. Simple illustrations, an approachable, informative tone and the ability to request a custom quote from any page on the site made it effortless to navigate. We brought the same smart look and feel to their tradeshow booth, marketing materials—including materials to support a revolutionary new product—and collateral.

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