A Unique Approach Helps
Kay Lead with Precision


In an industry where most of the work has been sent overseas, Kay sources and manufactures their precision parts locally. And while their technology far surpassed the competition, their out-of-date web presence kept them from connecting well with customers and potential employees. Kay needed a new way to communicate their strengths so they could grow their business and expand their workforce.

We Delivered

Brand Refresh / Social Media / Photography + Videography


Kay’s unmatched quality is rooted in the perfect balance between man and machine. Well-trained employees and cutting-edge technology are fully integrated to produce precision parts. We built their refreshed identity around this idea, positioning Kay as the leader in the next era of manufacturing.

“Our clients were so wicked smart and experimental, it was awesome to give them a look with as big a personality as they have.”
- Matthew, Designer


We brought vibrant color and human connection into their look, helping them stand out in an otherwise bland industry. On the website and throughout their social channels, we showcase their employees as well as their impressive technology, telling the story of Kay’s smart integration. A dynamic photography treatment gives them a powerful presence and brings life to the visuals.

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