Blazing A trail for a new
kind of investing


The genius of Podesta’s investment strategy is in their hands-off, data-driven approach—and it’s also their biggest challenge. So, they tasked us with creating a look, voice and positioning that built confidence in Podesta’s method among investors who had come to expect a personal relationship with their investment firm.

We Delivered

Brand Refresh / Website / Positioning

“I loved the language of Podesta. When you’re writing for such an exclusive target, you get to dress it up a bit.”
- Neil, Copywriter


Podesta relies on data, not hunches or emotion, to guide their investing decisions. They needed branding that dimensionalized this strong focus on direction and helped them carve their own niche in the investing landscape.


We refreshed and simplified their logo, then brought that idea of directionality through every part of the user experience on the website. Where competitors hinged their branding on stock photography and promises of stability, we broke the mold with rich colors and a type-focused design. Just as Podesta had modernized investing with advanced analytics, we were able to give them completely modern marketing.