a visionary organization on
a Mission to Change Kids’ Lives

Theirs is a story that needs to be told.

The Challenge

West40 is an education resource with a mission unlike any other in the state of Illinois, and likely the nation. Their vision, full-spectrum approach and commitment to the kids of West Suburban Cook County is ground-breaking and life changing. But their success is a well-kept secret. They needed teachers, administrators and decision-makers in the state capital to understand, champion and allocate budget so West40 could continue to reach those who needed it most. Their story—and the story of their kids—was begging to be shared.


Brand Identity / Brand Book Series / Podcast / Murals / Photography / Digital Newsletter Series / Photojournal Series


Most of the West40 team got their start in the education world—so they were driven by true zeal for the work, but they felt boxed in by the regulations and expectations they were used to.

We challenged them to push beyond those limitations, and helped free them to express their message in a bold, direct and spirited way.


Optimism x Love x Grit


Once we had distilled their mission and identity into a cohesive message, we brought that emotion to print, podcasts and even to the walls of their school. We designed a holistic strategy that leaned into who they were and who they served, tying it all together with fresh, vibrant photography. Check it out here:

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“Our vision for the client and their vision for themselves is so perfectly aligned, it’s amazing.”

- LK, Designer