A commercial real estate investment firm that makes buildings people love

Opening doors to the most incredible spaces Chicago has to offer.


The Chicago real estate industry is mostly dominated by a few well-known brands. So even a local and more client focused company like Ameritus was struggling to find their voice in such a competitive market. They offered a hands-on, tailored approach and an enthusiasm few others could match, but they still found themselves being overshadowed by their bigger competitors.

Ameritus had the expertise and heart, they just needed help sharing it with the world. That’s where we came in.


Brand Identity / Website / Video & Photography / Social Media Strategy / Emails Campaign / Sales Materials / Competitive Analysis

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Partnership x Passion x Expertise


We took what Ameritus had a passion for—creating buildings and spaces that people loved—and we built their brand around it.

We designed their look, feel and voice to reflect everything that was special about their company. Through beautiful photography, authentic language and a website that showcased their most amazing spaces, we highlighted exactly what made Ameritus stand out among the competition.

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Once we knew what made Ameritus special, we created messaging to help us shout it from the rooftops. We designed a 360 strategy leveraging a visually stunning website. We crafted a heartfelt video capturing what it feels like when you see every building as a work of art. And we backed it all up with social, collateral, case studies and a helpful space calculator to empower users to search the exact square footage they needed. Check it out here at askameritus.com.

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“When you work with a client who loves what they do, it helps inspire every aspect of the creative process.”

- The Creative Team: Ali B., Elise M., Jeremy S.