Your Friendly Neighborhood Eatery Gets A Fresh Look

A place for some damn good food and company.


For 30+ years, this big-hearted restaurant has been firing up the grill and inviting in the neighborhood simply because they love cooking with some good tunes, good brews, and even better company.


So, what was the dish? Austin’s had goals of reaching a wide variety of audiences and increasing their number of satisfied eaters. ES99 cooked up a brand refresh and overhauled their website, photography, and in-house branded experience in addition to ongoing marketing strategy and support.


Brand Identity / Website / Social Posts / Photography / In-House Printed Collateral / Branded Apparel

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Austin’s wanted a tasty new brand that elevated the experience to that of a popular city restaurant. It was important to keep the heart of their current logo while serving up something unexpected and soulful to round out the brand.

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Our team was thrilled with the excitement and compassion that Austin’s brought to their business, so we designed a brand that truly reflected the personality and experience of Austin’s and the community. The new brand and intuitive website creates a thoughtful, curated look that stands out in the community and beyond.

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“Every detail was considered, from branding to copy and even capturing photography that showcased my actual customers in my restaurant.”

- Mark Khayat, Owner of Austin’s