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Giving Grandma a creative makeover


Grandma’s House Child Care Center is a fun place, but their old website looked serious, and parents told them it was hard to navigate. They needed a website that reflected their playful side and provided information that was easy to find. So, ES99 got all arts-and-crafty with an updated logo, amusing animations, and a smart user experience.


Brand Identity / Website / Collateral / Outdoor Signage / Bus Wraps / Swag / Cookbook / LinkedIn Page / Recruitment Posts / Competitive Analysis / COVID-19 Response

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Grandma’s House Character

Playful x Nurturing x Creative

Bringing their brand to life

We connected to our inner child to portray this brand with animated characters that peeked up with curiosity. Our designer Daniel created multiple illustrations of children with diverse ethnicities and ages to show inclusion and the vast offerings of programs. These illustrations, along with playful interactions and icons, are used throughout the website to reflect the lively essence of Grandma’s House.

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Responding to COVID-19

With the pandemic came confusion and Grandma’s House needed to let parents know they were still open. We quickly put a notice on the homepage linking to a new page on safety protocols. Outdoor signs at their locations announced “We’re Open. Come Play.” And when they started offering virtual learning, we added a homepage banner linking to that newly created section. Answering the call for fast thinking and swift action, we conveyed needed information while keeping it all on brand.

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Our Grandma’s House children make everything fun!

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“Grandma’s House needed their brand to match the playful spirit at the heart of their business, and it was a lot of fun to bring to life.”

- Daniel H., Design Lead