A professional collective
that is reshaping what
health care means

Changing lives
means challenging expectations

The Challenge

With a new CEO at the helm, IPHCA was already reimagining their organization’s future. As the only association of community health centers in Illinois, they needed a brand identity that represented their forward-thinking approach while reflecting the health centers they represent. Active in legislative advocacy as well in the healthcare space, IPHCA needed to speak to a wide range of audiences—and resonate with each one.

We Delivered

Brand Identity / Mission & Vision / Website / Business Essentials / Sponsorship Collateral

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Empower | Educate | Advocate | Connect

Defining Their Identity

IPHCA wanted a radical change to better fit their evolved and expanded mission. It was important that they looked like a healthcare organization, but they were ready to push the boundaries on what that could mean.

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Inspired by their belief in community-based care, our team sought a brand expression that was both visionary and compassionate. We articulated IPHCA’s message through a fresh vision and mission and wove it through with a lively color palette and approachable iconography. We brought the new look to everything from branded gear to the website.

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We believe wholeheartedly in what IPHCA is doing—and that conviction, that energy, is in everything we create.

- Taylor F., Copy Lead

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