High-Quality Steel.
When and How You Need It.

At Kapital, a little heart goes a long way.

In 2015, leveraging 25 years of experience in the steel industry, Jerome Kusbel founded Kapital Steel with colleagues Brian Rusin and John Boling. A company with rock-solid relationships, Kapital needed a unified brand that reflected its “never say die” attitude.

To support the Kapital team’s goal of achieving $20 million in sales by 2025, ES99 completed a website and collateral brand refresh in addition to ongoing marketing support and initiatives. The ultimate goal? To get Kapital moving 20 thousand tons of steel per year.

We Delivered

Brand Identity / Website / Social Posts / Photography / Sales Materials / Branded Apparel

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The real deal

Kapital Steel’s new brand highlights the unique relationships that founder Jerome Kusbel has built with vendors, partners, and customers over the years. The new site features a staggering range of steel grades, products, and services, as well as easy-to-use conversion calculators and an intuitive navigation system to round out the upgrades for the new “real deal in steel.”

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Adept x Industrious x Honest

Mission accomplished

“I am thrilled that the new website has finally launched for Kapital Steel,” says Jerome. “We are pleased with the look and feel of our new branding, and the entire Kapital team cannot wait for the increased traffic it will bring. All of us are very pleased with ES99 for the way it turned out and appreciate their professionalism during the process.”

Kapital_Jerome Kapital_Jerome Kapital_Jerome

“Jerome has created a business that is delivering a completely unique experience in the steel industry and has a great vision of growth for the future.”

- Stacie T., VP/Director of Creative