Two companies with one goal: keep crucial businesses up and running

Uniting the Teams

The Challenge

Sister companies ThermFlo and Zonatherm are leaders in the mission-critical power and cooling industry. But despite their new corporate headquarters, top-tier employee benefits, and individual company traditions, the two organizations were having trouble uniting as one cohesive team. We needed to come up with new tactics to bond ThermFlo and Zonatherm so they could effectively cross-sell services and strengthen their company culture.

We Delivered

Social Media Strategy and Content / Employee Fundamentals Program / Internal Company Newsletter / Cross-Selling Collateral

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Bonding through social media

We transformed their social media channels into a place not just to share industry insights and promote them as thought leaders, but to showcase their talented team to the rest of the world. Every month, we create and share success stories of employees so their coworkers and clients can get to know them better. We also created an internal digital newsletter, The ThermZone, to unite the two companies, highlight team members, and create awareness about different departments.

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Celebrating employee success

ThermFlo and Zonatherm already had an employee appreciation system in place to reward those who model the companies’ 30 fundamental values. We refreshed this program with a new look and feel and called it Greatness Through Gratitude. This included branded nomination cards for employees to submit and for the winners to keep as a proud reminder. We also share the winners on their social media and newsletter to help employees in the field feel more involved.

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Fostering cross-selling opportunities

Before ES99 came on board, effective cross-selling was limited because different departments didn’t know how to properly promote each other. To help address this communication barrier, we created physical and digital versions of a capabilities flipbook that showcases every department of both companies.

With this cross-selling tool in hand, ThermFlo and Zonatherm are now equipped to maximize their sales by promoting services from all departments.

“What I enjoy most about working with ThermFlo and Zonatherm is getting to know the people and sharing their stories.”

– Anna, Copywriter