A revolutionary partnership for a revolutionary app.

Custom shipping quotes made easy

In the shipping industry, trying to book oversized freight can be complicated. You might find a quote you like, but there aren’t any carriers. Or worse, nobody will accept your quote. If they do, then there are permits, escorts and lots of other details that could affect the quote.

Simply, the shipping industry needed a better way to book freight.

So ZMAC and ES99 put their heads together to build the first-of-its-kind ZRate app. It’s the easier, smarter way to search and book over-sized freight.

Yeah, there’s an app for that and we built it.

The instant freight tool that makes customizing shipping easy, delivering detailed quotes for over-dimensional loads with guaranteed pricing. Every time. Leveraging various types of data and inputs, ZRate provides user-focused, hyper-relevant, and exact results so there’s no guessing. ZRate does the work for the customer—and does it instantly—so what used to take days, now takes seconds.

Nobody else can do that.

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Hello, world. Meet ZRate.

We were ready to revolutionize the way people booked oversized freight, we just needed to share our app with the world. We created marketing materials for tradeshows, monthly newsletters, and easy-to-understand videos demonstrating how the app works, and Matt spoke at numerous events touting the advantages of the app.

Needless to say, it’s been an overwhelming success. We’re proud and honored for the opportunity to work with Matt and the ZMAC team every step of the way.

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“Impact has changed the game for my app, but it doesn’t stop there. This is what a partnership should feel like.”

- Matt Ziegler, ZMAC President